Sea Turtles and Dolphin Swim in Oahu

We went out with Wild Side Hawaii Specialty Tours ( to swim with dolphins and honu - sea turtles - and visit a coral reef. It was an amazing day!

Spinner Dolphins at Yokohama Beach

Swimming with the Spinner Dolphins

Definitely the best "snorkeling" excursion I've ever been on! As seen on the Travel Channel as one of Honolulu's Top 5 activities, Wild Side Hawaii took us out on their Morning Wildlife Cruise ( to see a coral reef, visit sea turtles, and swim with dolphins, in the wild!

Sea Turtles at a Cleaning Station

Sea Turtles at a Cleaning Station

We started with the sea turtles (honu) at a coral reef and although this alone was amazing with the sea turtles cleaning station, coral reef fish, rays, and more, the best was waiting for us in crystal clear blue water unlike anything I've seen before filled with wild spinner dolphins that swam and played with us!

During our cruise, we passed Makua Valley where Hawaiians believe creation occurred.  This is one of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever witnessed! I can see why the ancient Hawaiians had such respect and awe for the Makua Valley.

Wild Side Hawaii Dolphin Swim

Makua Valley Oahu Hawaii

What made the trip the best was the crew! They were friendly, knowledgeable, and so willing to help out and make sure this was the best experience possible. I can't recommend Wild Side enough for your next O'ahu snorkeling adventure!

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